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Indigenous Practices Approach

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we honor the traditions of our ancestors and the indigenous tribes of our area with a speciality treatment program based around native teachings and approaches to healing.

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Indigenous Tribal Traditions + Treatment

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we offer addiction treatment services to anyone who comes through our doors. We also support the indigenous populations in Arizona and around the county. There are 22 federally recognized Indigenous tribes in Arizona alone, and we believe they should be able to easily access comprehensive addiction treatment if in need. Our team utilizes the spiritual traditions of Indigenous tribes within our treatment methods. These methods allow us to better serve the Indigenous community around us, as well as introduce new, deeply healing practices to others outside of this community.

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Addiction Treatment Services For Native Americans and All Those Who Seek It

Like any population in the country, many Native Americans struggle with substance abuse or dual diagnosis conditions. When searching for the right treatment center for you,, it can be challenging to find a facility that is able to understand your community, background, and experiences.

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe in combining evidence-based, therapeutic practices with ancient wisdom traditions and spiritual healing. 

By fully integrating trauma-informed care into our program, we are capable of delivering treatment options that address the root causes of suffering, mental health, and substance abuse. These programs support not only physical healing, and mental and spiritual healing as well. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe only this comprehensive approach to treatment can truly be able to support long-lasting sobriety, recovery, and healing.

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A Holistic Program That Offers Spiritual Healing

Our treatment philosophy is based on the principle that each individual has a unique path to healing. We believe in offering support and guidance throughout the recovery process so that our patients are able to move forward on their journeys with confidence and determination. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we strive to provide all of our patients with the tools they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives free of addiction. 

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe in providing a safe and supportive environment where people can heal from trauma and build a stronger, healthier life. Our trauma-informed approach to treatment is designed to create an atmosphere of trust and compassion that allows individuals to heal from the inside out. Through yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, individualized counseling sessions, small group work and outdoor activities our clients are supported in finding their own unique path to wellness. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe that all individuals have the capacity to heal from trauma and addiction. We provide an environment where individuals can find support, acceptance, and compassion for their struggles. By offering a variety of therapeutic modalities and treatment options as well as traditional 12-step meetings, we are able to offer our clients an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to their needs.

Tribal Holistic Treatment

At our Arizona drug rehab, we offer speciality holistic treatment services that support spiritual healing during the recovery process.

  • Breathwork: We use breathwork to heal past trauma, giving you space to grow and recover. Breathwork uses breathing practices to help you clear your emotional channels and remove any spiritual blocks.
  • Ceremonies and Sweat Lodge: Our sweat lodge is one of seven time-honored ceremonies we do. This ceremony purifies the mind, body, and spirit. In a safe place, you have the opportunity to leave behind past trauma and achieve new dimensions of understanding, self-love, and connection. Our program has acquired the right to perform the sweat lodge ceremony from Medicine Elders from the Northern Plains Indian Tribes.
  • Fabric Philosophy: Using fabric philosophy as part of our treatment, this nonlinear approach integrates the Native American medicine wheel and ceremonies to help you recognize the interconnectedness and circular nature of healing, community, and positive ritual.  Using the circle and the medicine wheel, you can identify your center, figure out what led you off the path, and return to the center by facing hard truths and removing self-destructive patterns in your life.
  • Spiritual Paths: Our substance abuse treatment center for Native Americans and all Arizonians is located on 160 Acres of the Sonoran Desert. Mindfulness and moving meditation are easily accessible during your treatment when you work in the meditation garden and walk the mindfulness path. All of these spiritual avenues immerse you in nature and help you convert chaos into tranquility. 



Our culturally qualified Native American inpatient treatment center helps you integrate many aspects of your background and culture into your recovery process. Many of the tribal holistic treatments and evidence-based practices we utilize help you overcome feelings of lost cultural identity and alienation. 

Our Arizona treatment programs are led by professionals who understand the needs of Native American communities during recovery.

Specialized addiction treatment for Native Americans means that you can come to our inpatient facility without worrying about conflicts over cultural expectations or community expectations. Instead, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate the struggles you may have experienced, the historical discrimination and trauma, and the need for integrative cultural approaches.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we appreciate how often mental health disorders and substance abuse are intertwined. That is why our facility offers mental health treatment for co-occurring disorders. Mental health disorders affect twice as many Native Americans as substance abuse, while at Seven Arrows Recovery, we provide the ability to address both.

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A Place to Find Sustainable Recovery

Come heal in the Arizona Desert at Seven Arrows Recovery. Treatment is based on evidence based modalities, holistic principles and ancient healing traditions. We’ll help you to rebuild and restore your true spirit and authentic self, one day at a time.


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Seven Arrows Recovery is truly unlike any other holistic rehab in Arizona. Our facility boasts a rich history that continuously pays tribute to those who came before us. Explore our family-owned and operated program located in the heart of Southern Arizona.

The environment at Seven Arrows Recovery was purposefully designed to offer you an immersive experience in physical wellness and mental healing.

At Seven Arrows Recovery we provide more than just treatment. Our program offers you an opportunity to restart your life free from drugs & alcohol.

Our treatment services are unlike most treatment centers. We believe in a holistic approach that treats the root causes of substance abuse leading to recovery.

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We Provide Addiction Treatment for Native American Communities in Arizona and Beyond

Seven Arrows Recovery aims to help as many people within Arizona as possible. Our center is also dedicated to helping Native American community members suffering from substance abuse and addiction find lasting recovery. Our highly structured and comprehensive treatment model was designed to support our clients in achieving their recovery goals. We understand the unique needs of indigenous community members, and our team of dedicated counselors, therapists and recovery specialists are here to provide the highest-quality care on their journey to sobriety.

Contact Seven Arrows Recovery to find Arizona addiction treatment for Native Americans and others seeking the healing benefits of Indigenous practices. 

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We Walk the Path Alongside You

Outside of our tribal holistic treatment, Seven Arrows Recovery offers a variety of therapies as a part of our comprehensive treatment program, including:

  • Nervous-System Informed Approaches
  • Psychodrama
  • Art Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • EMDR
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Skills Training
  • Equine Assisted Learning
  • Meditative Movement Groups
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Life Skills
  • Case Management
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy

The program at Seven Arrows Recovery utilizes a Salutogenic Asset-Focused Approach to treatment, ensuring every client is able to get a Strengths-Based, Person-Centered plan for recovery. Every substance use disorder is unique because every person is unique, with their own individual history, beliefs, and goals. By creating custom individualized care plans for every client, the staff at our Arizona addiction treatment center builds the strongest possible foundation for recovery.

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