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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Arizona

Dual-diagnosis treatment in Arizona is integrative treatment that combines quality therapies treating mental health disorders and substance abuse. With dual diagnosis treatment, you get a care team of clinicians from multiple disciplines who work together to provide skills training, holistic therapy, and relapse prevention concurrently. 

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What is Dual-Diagnosis?

Arizona dual diagnosis treatment is designed for individuals who struggle with substance abuse or alcoholism and a coexisting mental health disorder. When left untreated, underlying mental health disorders increase the risk of relapse after drug and alcohol rehab. Treating both concurrently can alleviate symptoms and factors contributing to or exacerbating substance abuse.

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Dual-Diagnosis Facts & Statistics

Research has found that nearly eight million adults have co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders right now. However, many people struggle in isolation without treatment.

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Who Needs Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Arizona?

The need for Arizona dual diagnosis treatment is so common because of the relationship between mental health disorders and substance abuse. Many situations can increase the need for dual diagnosis services.

Many circumstances and situations can lead to a need for an Arizona dual diagnosis program. Without treating both conditions simultaneously, individuals will repeatedly struggle with symptoms from one or the other. But at our Arizona dual diagnosis treatment center, you can get help right away.

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Signs & Symptoms of Dual-Diagnosis Disorders

The need for Arizona dual diagnosis treatment is diagnosed by a professional. At our Arizona dual diagnosis treatment center, we can provide a diagnosis, or you can obtain one from your primary care provider. Having an existing diagnosis from a doctor within your network might be a prerequisite for health insurance covering your treatment. 

However, there are some basic signs that you might need to ask about treatment:

Mental health signs and symptoms can be difficult to understand, but if you feel you might have even mild symptoms, don't be afraid to call and talk to our team about our dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona.

Why People Don't Get Help

There are several reasons why people who have coexisting mental health and substance abuse disorders fail to get help.

Symptoms of mental health disorders can be masked by drugs or alcohol. The symptoms can also be enhanced. That is why some people get misdiagnosis and treatment for the wrong condition. 

It's not uncommon for a client with addiction to not know or admit they have mental health disorders too. Someone dependent on drugs or alcohol might not recognize their symptoms because of how strongly the substance abuse masks the mental health disorder symptoms. 

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Arizona Dual-Diagnosis Treatment at Seven Arrows Recovery

At our dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona, we can help you receive integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Depression & Addiction

Major depressive disorder is the most common mental health disorder worldwide and across the United States. People with depression find their symptoms disruptive to daily life. Major depressive disorder is often associated with alcoholism or drug abuse. People struggling with depression use alcohol to mask their symptoms or feel temporarily better. However, alcohol is not the only associated substance with depression.

Bipolar Disorder & Addiction

Bipolar disorder manifests as lengthy periods of severe manic episodes. During those episodes, an individual might present with symptoms similar to major depressive disorder. The symptoms can last for months or years at a time. Bipolar disorder is a lifetime disorder that can be treated with proper therapy and coping skills. People with bipolar disorder can struggle with multiple addictions, one substance for their depressive episodes and another for their manic episodes. Arizona’s dual diagnosis treatment center is equipped to help with multiple combinations of mental health issues and substances.

ADHD & Addiction

People with ADHD struggle with impulsivity, difficulty concentrating, and hyperactivity. Their symptoms can interfere with daily life and relationships. People with ADHD commonly turn to drugs like sedatives to try and control their symptoms.

Anxiety Disorders & Addiction

Anxiety is the second most common mental health disorder. There are several types of anxiety disorders, some of which cause acute panic attacks, and others apply to situations like social engagements. Clients with anxiety disorders often use alcohol or prescription medications.

PTSD & Addiction

PTSD happens after experiencing severe trauma. It can last for years without treatment and cause issues like insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety or depressive disorders. Nearly fifty percent of people with PTSD also have a substance abuse problem, like alcoholism or drug addiction.

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Evidence shows that mental health disorders and substance abuse often co-occur and affect individuals simultaneously. Data suggests that people who suffer with substance abuse issues tend to have high rates of anxiety disorders; depression; bipolar disorder; attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; and other mental health struggles. The good news is that these struggles are treatable when the patient is educated and given the appropriate tools and support.

Seven Arrows Recovery works to educate and empower individuals with facts. Mental health struggles are common and they do not define an individual. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona provides clients with the clinical interventions needed to learn how to manage and overcome their struggles.

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