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Holistic Treatment in Arizona

Holistic addiction treatment in Arizona can take many forms. Holistic treatment refers to anything other than traditional psychotherapy.

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A Holistic Approach to Treatment

In your journey toward recovery, embracing a holistic approach to treatment can provide invaluable support and growth for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we understand the benefits of integrating holistic practices into your treatment plan. We integrate a range of holistic modalities alongside evidence-based services to ensure your journey with us helps you heal in all facets of your life.

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Yoga Therapy for Addiction at Seven Arrows Recovery
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Our Unique Holistic Practices

Seven Arrow’s holistic addiction treatment program deeply complements traditional methods of recovery care, enhancing the effectiveness of your overall recovery journey. By integrating holistic therapies into your program, we ensure you can cultivate diverse skills and improve your mental and physical health during recovery

We integrate mindfulness and meditation into our programs to help clients build deeper self-awareness and emotional control. Participation in mindfulness or meditation practices can alleviate anxiety and depression, creating a conducive environment for deeper discussions with therapists. Mindfulness-based initiatives are scientifically proven to help generate new neuropathways and build resilience against triggers and strong emotions during difficult times. Recovery can bring forth many challenging moments and our mindfulness-based practices can help you gain the mental and emotional strength to overcome them.   

Engaging in our horsemanship activities can bolster self-esteem, building confidence that empowers you to participate in group meetings and activities actively. Studies have also shown that horsemanship in addiction recovery can build a greater sense of connection, and lead to more favorable outcomes during treatment. 

Trauma-informed yoga, breathwork, or sweat lodge ceremonies can facilitate deep emotional healing, remove obstacles to recovery, and enhance the benefits of individual and group therapy sessions.

Transformation is possible in our holistic healing program. Let Seven Arrows Recovery guide you on your holistic addiction treatment journey in Arizona. Call us today to take the first step toward holistic healing.

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The Benefits of a Holistic Drug Rehab in Arizona

Holistic treatment is not only generally effective but can also be as beneficial as medication for managing mental health disorders like depression.

Approximately 21.5 million Americans have a co-occurring mental health issue, and a dual diagnosis requires treatment for both simultaneously.  If you're facing co-occurring mental health issues alongside substance abuse, holistic therapies can play a pivotal role in overcoming and managing symptoms while receiving support for substance abuse. Some of the key benefits of holistic treatment include:

Reduced Stress

Seven Arrow’s holistic addiction treatment program in Arizona equips you with tools for stress reduction and healthy coping, empowering you to navigate challenges without resorting to substance use or harmful behaviors. By discovering new sources of joy and adopting healthy mental states, you can cultivate lasting resilience and maintain your sobriety even after completing treatment.

Better Physical Health

Holistic addiction therapy in Arizona promotes overall physical well-being, offering benefits such as reduced blood pressure, pain management, and improved sleep quality. From meditation to nutritional counseling, these holistic practices can have a profound impact on your general health and lifestyle, which aids in your long-term recovery journey.

Spiritual Improvement

Spirituality plays a vital role in recovery, providing a sense of interconnectedness and purpose. Through mindfulness, meditation, or engaging with nature, our holistic addiction treatment in Arizona encourages spiritual exploration, guiding you toward profound healing and self-discovery.

Relapse Prevention

Holistic addiction treatment equips you with healthy coping mechanisms and stress management techniques, which are crucial for preventing relapses. Recvover does not end once the program is completed, and our goal is to provide clients with long-term skills that can equip them with the mentality and resilience to stay sober indefinitely. By building upon creative outlets, community connections, and meaningful pursuits, our program empowers you to stay committed to your recovery goals.

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Come heal in the Arizona Desert at Seven Arrows Recovery. Treatment is based on evidence based modalities, holistic principles and ancient healing traditions. We’ll help you to rebuild and restore your true spirit and authentic self, one day at a time.

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Holistic Treatment at Seven Arrows

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we combine traditional and holistic methods to offer a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. Our holistic rehab in Arizona provides a range of unique experiences to support your journey towards sobriety, including:

12 Step Facilitation

Seven Arrows Recovery offers clients the opportunity to attend 12-step meetings at our center and within the community. Community-based 12-step meetings allow clients to gain the experience of attending meetings and partake in this valuable resource. Clients will learn how to obtain sponsorship, the structure of these meetings, and an in-depth guide to 12-step principles.


Experience the therapeutic bond between humans and horses, fostering healing and confidence in a non-judgmental environment. At Seven Arrows Recovery, our team of Equine Specialists pairs each client with their own horse, which they will have throughout their program. This one-to-one experience offers clients the space to connect with nature in a therapeutic environment, and the opportunity to form a non-judgemental healing relationship. This safe relationship can help clients improve on negative relationship consequences from their addiction and provides space to rebuild their confidence without fear of criticism. During our Level 1 and Level 2 Horsemanship experience, each client can take the steps at their own pace to care for and learn to ride their horse. This bonding can make a difference in the quality of life for clients while enriching the overall experience of committing to sober living in Arizona.

Spiritual Paths

Nestled amidst the stunning Sonoran desert, Seven Arrows Recovery spans 160 acres of serene landscape. Our expansive grounds feature beautiful walking paths, tranquil meditation areas, and intricate labyrinths. Clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in mindfulness and meditation practices tailored to their individual needs. Our rehab center in Arizona nurtures the client’s innermost self. Our thoughtfully designed paths and meditation gardens serve as catalysts for personal growth, guiding individuals toward the path that resonates most deeply with them. Our clients can embrace a variety of spiritual philosophies, and heal in an environment of open-minded exploration. Our holistic approach is invaluable in supporting our clients on their journey towards healing and transformation.

Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge is a time-honored cleansing ceremony traditionally performed to purify the body, mind, and spirit. Seven Arrows Recovery has acquired the right to perform this ceremony from Medicine Elders. The sweat lodge is a small enclosure built with willow branches and covered by tarps. Near the opening is a fire pit in which hot rocks are placed. The leader of the ceremony pours water over the rock. Any leader of a sweat lodge must be granted the right to pour by the tribe. The ceremony opens a beautifully safe place to talk and connect and a place to symbolically leave painful experiences behind and open up a new dimension for healing and recovery.

Fabric Philosophy

Bob Burton created Fabric Philosophy in 1973, using a nonlinear approach to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking a new direction in life. This philosophy utilizes the circle as a fundamental concept for treatment, communication, and organizational structure, drawing inspiration from the Native American medicine wheel. Seven Arrows Recovery adopts Fabric Philosophy’s approach, recognizing individuals as integral parts of a community and addressing the intricacies that contribute to addiction. By utilizing the circle and medicine wheel, Fabric Philosophy aids clients in identifying and reclaiming their center, laying the groundwork for transformative change. Through understanding the seven directions of the medicine wheel, clients at Seven Arrows Recovery will learn to redefine ritual positively, breaking free from self-destructive patterns associated with substance use disorder and alcoholism.


The utilization of breathwork in the healing of past trauma can be activated by releasing tension in the body, allowing space for growth and development, and grounding the nervous system. Breathwork helps clients achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, connection to spirit, and healing. Breathwork is effective for managing stress, improving the immune system, and healing from grief and trauma. It can be especially beneficial for those struggling with addiction and seeking long-term, low-risk benefits.

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Seven Arrows Recovery's Holistic Program

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we see each client as an intricate individual who deserves the most out of life. Our holistic treatments, approaches, and services aim to promote healing in all areas of life, ensuring clients gain not only sobriety but a newfound joy and passion for life. Embark on your holistic healing journey with Seven Arrows Recovery.

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Clinical Director

Lindsay Rothschild LCSW, CCTP, SAP

Lindsay Rothschild is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Substance Abuse Professional with a passion for assisting others in activating their own inner healing intelligence. She completed her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Arizona State University in 2011 and went on to study various ancient wisdom traditions for healing. Her training as a Clinical Trauma Professional and over a decade of experience working with trauma survivors has afforded her a rich understanding of the powerful impact of trauma on the mind, body and soul.

Lindsay studied holistic nutrition and trauma informed yoga at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Lindsay is certified in the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method™ and is also a registered yoga teacher. She most recently completed training in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Lindsay partners with the Arizona Trauma Institute to facilitate trainings for mental health professionals and educators in the community in an effort to promote awareness around Trauma Informed Care. Lindsay is also the owner of Roots to Rise, PLLC where she provides somatic psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, supervision, trauma informed yoga, and substance abuse professional services. Lindsay describes herself as having a wild and free spirit, an open heart and a belief that all humans have the capacity for transformation and growth.

Medical Director

Dr. Tracey Oppenheim MD

Dr. Oppenheim was born and raised in Michigan. She completed her medical school education, general and child and adolescent psychiatry training at the University of Michigan. Go Blue! She is passionate about the mind body spiritual connection and has completed additional training in integrative psychiatry. Dr. Oppenheim believes in each individual’s ability to heal through discovering their inner healing intelligence.