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We provide both the map and the tools to bring you back to who you are and who you want to become. Unlike other rehab centers, you’re not just filling a bed here—there is a space, a home, and a community for you.

the difference

Clinical & Holistic Approaches

In the midst of substance abuse and addiction, it can feel impossible to see anything but the disharmony and destructive patterns in our lives. Moreover, traditional rehab programs can all start to look the same and fail to incorporate the whole tapestry of a person.

Addressing these imbalances, the unique, non-linear, relationship-oriented approach of Seven Arrows Recovery helps you rediscover your true Center.

At our addiction treatment center near Tucson, Arizona, we’ve found the balance between cutting-edge clinical approaches and holistic, integrative ways of healing. While primary substance care is our specialty, our range of multifaceted treatments are both evidence-based and attentive to the whole person. From treatments to perspectives, and from communications to your daily routine, Seven Arrows draws on both the sacred roots of transformative healing and modern innovations of western medicine.  

our environment

The Land

The powerful inheritance of the Seven Arrows property—located on 160 acres at the base of the Swisshelm mountains—is experienced every day by its residents. 

Between its specialized equine-assisted therapies, organic garden, and unique outdoor activities, you’ll find your grounding at Seven Arrows.

Our residents become invested in—and even a part of—the land they’re living on. And the changes they see around them begin to manifest within their own recovery journeys. 

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Time works differently in the desert. And while transformation is a visible process, it can’t be rushed. Seven Arrows honors these principles and moves at a pace that’s right for you.

Here, individualized treatment is the only approach. Whereas most residential treatment programs last 30 days, the majority of our residents choose to stay between 45-90 days. Plus, studies have shown that a slower-pace helps cultivate a sustainable and long-term recovery.

healing through compassion


Healing the spirit of a person is a cornerstone of our program. 

By weaving indigenous ceremonies from Native American traditions into your recovery journey, Seven Arrows helps you find your Center again. Our Fabric Philosophy facilitates a sacred stability with ritual, community, and personal discovery.

Along with weekly sweat lodge rituals, horse care, and time spent in nature, our treatment center near Tucson, AZ ensures that your spirit is integrated into every aspect of the recovery process.

connect with others

The Community at Seven Arrows Recovery

The residents at Seven Arrows come from many diverse walks of life. All ages, genders, and backgrounds are welcome. And while our program culture is immersive, it’s also customizable. 

Seven Arrows cultivates a healthy balance between providing the structure you need for sustainable recovery and working with you as a unique individual. Your interests and needs are integrated into your daily routine, and can be harmonized with existing treatment schedules. 

One of the most disarming aspects of our addiction treatment center near Tucson, AZ is its intimate community. Just as there’s no hiding from yourself when you’re in the desert, the same goes for the culture we’ve cultivated here. Healing always happens together.

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Stories of Hope & Healing

“There aren't enough words to describe how incredible this place is. They are so true to what they teach. From the moment I arrived to the day I graduated, I felt at home.”


“I came to Seven Arrows broken and beaten down, I left whole. I left with self-esteem and self confidence. Thanks to this place, I am a happier, sober me, for myself and my family. I love Seven Arrows!”


“Out of the 16 treatment centers I have been to, Seven Arrows is the best”


“Seven Arrows allowed me the time and space to heal. It was the perfect place to reset my mental, physical and spiritual health. It is hard to describe in words what an amazing life-changing experience my time there was.”


“Seven Arrows Recovery is one of the main reseasons I'm alive today”

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