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Substance use disorders are growing increasingly common, as are mental health concerns. At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe a unique treatment approach is necessary to address this reality. Our mission is to provide comprehensive addiction treatment that combines spiritual, physical, and psychological healing. We aim to treat each client as a whole person and engage them in the treatment progress. No matter your background, if you need a Maricopa drug and alcohol rehab center, we are here for you.

Seven Arrows Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in Arizona that offers comprehensive, holistic healing. Speak to a member of our admissions team today to learn more.

What is the Difference Between Dependence and Addiction?
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Discover Your Path to Recovery with Addiction Treatment in Maricopa

The longer addictive behaviors are left unaddressed, the more likely they spiral. Substance use may escalate or grow to involve new addictions and mental health consequences can become severe. Likewise, untreated addictions can lead to physical health consequences, which may only exacerbate the situation.
Seeking a Maricopa drug and alcohol rehab center like Seven Arrows Recovery allows you to break free from addiction’s grip once and for all. Our beautiful, serene facility is designed to help you step back from daily life and focus on recovery and healing. With the help of our experienced team, you can create and achieve goals that help you live the life you deserve.

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Why Seven Arrows Recovery for Drug Rehab in Maricopa?

Seven Arrows Recovery not only adopts a unique philosophy regarding treatment but also harnesses the power of ancient healing traditions to support clients inside and out. Our facility features a low client-to-staff ratio designed to create opportunities for deep bonds and meaningful experiences. Clients can receive highly-personalized support that evolves with them, all while enjoying the comfort of our luxurious amenities and the natural beauty of the Arizona desert landscape. 

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Our Options for Substance Abuse Treatment in Maricopa

We strive to offer quality Maricopa addiction treatment and the best substance abuse care. Seven Arrows Recovery is a space that welcomes clients from all backgrounds; as a result, we’ve designed our programming to address all needs under one roof.

While sobriety is an essential first challenge to overcome, it can be tricky to attain. For many, getting sober alone can even be dangerous – withdrawals from some substances may be severe enough to pose health risks. Seven Arrows Recovery offers clients a safe space to stop drug and alcohol use. 

Residential Inpatient Treatment

After detoxing, clients can move on to our highest level of care: our inpatient drug rehab treatment. This program features round-the-clock monitoring and asks clients to reside at our facility full-time for a set number of days.

While in our inpatient program, clients receive medical attention and professional support as needed to reach their goals. Most programs last around thirty to ninety days, depending on the severity of a client’s addiction. The program utilizes a combination of evidence-based and holistic practices to encourage clients to experience healing in new ways. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s often hard, if not impossible, to fully address addiction without also considering mental health. Addictive behaviors can cause mental health concerns and vice versa. For many, understanding the root of addiction means confronting underlying causes like anxiety or depression. 

To make it simple to treat both areas of need simultaneously, we’ve created our Arizona dual diagnosis treatment program. Clients receive tailored support for their mental health alongside their addiction, including medications, specific therapies, and more. By treating addiction from its source, we help clients learn to change their behaviors and maintain a new, healthier lifestyle.

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Pursue Healing & Restoration With Us

Come heal in the Arizona Desert at Seven Arrows Recovery. Treatment is based on evidence based modalities, holistic principles and ancient healing traditions. We’ll help you to rebuild and restore your true spirit and authentic self, one day at a time.

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Why Our Maricopa Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Stands Out

There’s no other Maricopa drug and alcohol rehab center quite like Seven Arrows Recovery. Time and experience seem to work differently in the desert, making it an ideal atmosphere for reflection, growth, and change. We strive to provide state-of-the-art amenities and unforgettable experiences while also offering effective treatment. When you visit us, you enter a space dedicated to empowerment and acceptance. 

Holistic and Evidence-Based Therapies

Our reliance on holistic and evidence-based treatment methods sets us apart from other options for addiction treatment in Maricopa. We look beyond the limitations of traditional psychotherapy to discover new, unique ways for clients to connect with themselves and the natural world. 

Examples of some of the treatment methods we utilize include: 

  • Equine-assisted care
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Trauma-informed care, including yoga, breathwork, and sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Creative and community activities 

Salutogenic Approach to Care

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we believe in a Salutogenic approach to care, which means we see challenging behaviors as a sort of self-medication. Addictive tendencies result from an attempt to lessen pain, not personal flaws, and they deserve to be treated as such. 

We keep this priority in mind by asking, “what happened to you, and how did your nervous system respond when it happened?” as we create our treatment plans instead of, “what’s wrong with you?” As we do, we work to validate our clients and their experiences so they feel empowered to discover their capacity to overcome challenges.

Spiritual Healing and Growth

Our focus on healing each client’s spirit further sets us apart from other options for substance abuse treatment in Maricopa. We believe in the power of forming a deep connection to nature; as a result, our programming upholds principles like ritual, community, and personal discovery. We incorporate traditions from ancient indigenous ceremonies into our treatment models to invite clients to explore their spirituality and apply it to their recovery journey.


Why Choose Us?

Seven Arrows Recovery is truly unlike any other rehab in Arizona. Our facility boasts a rich history that continuously pays tribute to those who came before us. Explore our family-owned and operated program located in the heart of Southern Arizona.

The environment at Seven Arrows Recovery was purposefully designed to offer you an immersive experience in physical wellness and mental healing.

At Seven Arrows Recovery we provide more than just treatment. Our program offers you an opportunity to restart your life free from drugs & alcohol.

Our treatment services are unlike most treatment centers. We believe in a holistic approach that treats the root causes of substance abuse leading to recovery.

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We support the holistic care of the mind, body, and spirit. Our all-encompassing approach helps clients start new chapters in their lives. We will support you every step of the way if you’re prepared to make positive changes in your life. We’re committed to getting good results.

Seven Arrows Recovery is dedicated to being your top Maricopa drug and alcohol rehab center. Our expert team, unique philosophy, and gorgeous facility establish us as a one-of-a-kind option for care. To learn more about our services and how they can help you or a loved one, contact us today

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Stories of Hope & Healing

“There aren't enough words to describe how incredible this place is. They are so true to what they teach. From the moment I arrived to the day I graduated, I felt at home.”


“I came to Seven Arrows broken and beaten down, I left whole. I left with self-esteem and self confidence. Thanks to this place, I am a happier, sober me, for myself and my family. I love Seven Arrows!”


“Out of the 16 treatment centers I have been to, Seven Arrows is the best”


“Seven Arrows allowed me the time and space to heal. It was the perfect place to reset my mental, physical and spiritual health. It is hard to describe in words what an amazing life-changing experience my time there was.”


“Seven Arrows Recovery is one of the main reseasons I'm alive today”

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