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If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, a drug and alcohol detox in Arizona can help. Seven Arrows Recovery works with a number of vetted and trusted detox partners to offer our clients detox solutions in Arizona.

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Family Therapy in Arizona

Addiction doesn’t just hurt you. Addiction can hurt relationships with loved ones and cause emotional strain on family members. Nearly half of Americans report having a family member (or close friend) who is struggling with drug addiction or has struggled with addiction in the past. Addiction can fracture family ties and hurt both the addict and their family members themselves. If you are struggling with addiction, rebuilding damaged relationships with family members and friends is one crucial step toward overcoming addiction and maintaining long-term sobriety. Family support can significantly help improve your recovery journey and keep you accountable as you progress along your recovery journey. 

Seven Arrows Recovery offers comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment, including family therapy in Arizona, to help recovering addicts and their families break free of addiction and live happier, healthier lives. With 1-2 family support sessions offered per patient stay, we help recovering addicts not only heal but improve their relationships with loved ones. 

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Understanding THE IMPORTANCE

Why Family Support Is Important

Addiction impacts the entire family. Not only does the family member struggling with addiction suffer, but it can be extremely difficult for family members to watch as their loved one suffers at the hands of addiction. However, if you are overcoming addiction, it’s essential to prioritize rebuilding your relationships with your family members as family support can significantly help improve your ability to maintain long-term sobriety.


Family support not only provides you comfort and a supportive outlet, especially during difficult parts of your recovery journey, but family support keeps you accountable along your recovery journey. That’s why at Seven Arrows Recovery we offer family therapy in Arizona because we understand how important family can be in helping a recovering addict maintain long-term sobriety. Family support can reduce your chances of relapse and ensure you stay motivated and accountable along your recovery journey. 


How Our Family Therapy in Arizona Works

Family therapy gives both the recovering addict and their family members the ability to heal and develop a healthy relationship. Addiction can put immense emotional strain on any relationship as oftentimes trust can be broken at the hands of addiction. Family therapy looks to rebuild this trust and develop healthy communication among family members.


Our family therapy in Arizona offers patients 1-2 family support sessions per stay. We understand how important family involvement is, that’s why we offer family counseling sessions for recovering addicts and their families. During a family therapy session, the whole family meets with a therapist who facilitates the session. This is a great time for family members to better understand addiction and the recovery process, and provide open communication between the recovering family member and the rest of the family.

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Benefits of Family Therapy

Our family therapy in Arizona offers a safe, supportive, and open environment for a patient and their family to start rebuilding their relationship and develop healthy boundaries and communication. 

Below are some of the many benefits patients experience with our family therapy in Arizona. 

  • Facilitate open communication among the whole family.
  • Build greater empathy and understanding for addiction.
  • Develop healthy boundaries and prevent enabling behavior.
  • Promote a source of motivation and accountability for the recovering addict.
  • Reduce your risk of relapse.  
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How Family Therapy Can Help In Your Addiction Recovery Journey

At Seven Arrows Recovery, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment options to best help as many patients as possible overcome addiction and maintain life-long sobriety. Our Arizona family support care is a highly effective treatment option that can significantly help rebuild relationships with family members, while also reducing a recovery addict’s risk of relapse.

Relapsing is one of the greatest threats to achieving long-term sobriety. Having a supportive family behind you as you progress along your recovery journey can provide motivation and keep you accountable. Maintaining long-term sobriety is difficult. Addiction recovery doesn’t just stop after receiving treatment. A supportive family will help provide comfort and motivation for you to maintain sobriety, even if you are feeling intense cravings or going through a difficult time in your life. 

Family therapy can also help educate your family members more about addiction (and what it is not). For example, many people do not understand that addiction is a chronic disease, not something you can overcome with enough willpower. Therefore, this gives your family the ability to gain more understanding and emphasize the struggles of a recovering addict. Plus, our family therapy in Arizona allows family members to work through negative emotions or guilt they may have been holding up inside which can harm their own personal mental health and quality of life. 

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Available Resources for Families of Addicts

Family therapy isn’t just for recovering addicts. It can be extremely challenging watching your family member fall victim to addiction. Not only can family members feel sad for their fractured relationship, but sometimes family members feel guilty or responsible for a family member’s addiction. This is why it’s important to seek resources for families of addicts to work through any guilt, shame, or sadness you or your family members may have bottled up. 

Aside from attending our family therapy in Arizona, you should also consider joining community support groups where you can join other families who similarly have struggled with addiction in their own families. You can also consider seeking one-on-one counseling yourself to work through any negative feelings, emotions, or guilt you may have from witnessing your loved one struggle with addiction. 

Unfortunately, oftentimes family members may feel guilty for not being able to help their family member struggling with addiction. Attending family support groups and counseling sessions will allow you the ability to work through these negative emotions and improve your own quality of life for the better. 

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Addiction significantly damages family relationships. However, our family therapy in Arizona provides recovering addicts and their families the ability to rebuild their relationships and develop healthy boundaries and communication. A supportive family can greatly help a recovering addict overcome addiction and maintain sobriety long-term. This is because family offers the perfect balance of comfort and accountability to ensure the recovering addict is effectively progressing along their recovery journey. 

Seven Arrows Recovery offers family therapy in Arizona to help patients and their families build back trust and communication while safely addressing any unresolved family conflicts. We also offer a range of other treatment services to best help patients safely and effectively overcome addiction. Addiction is a very isolating disease. You should never feel like you have to suffer in silence with addiction.

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