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Quality Drug Rehab Near Marana, Arizona

If you’re dealing with addiction and searching for a Marana drug and alcohol rehab center, or you have a loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol, Seven Arrows Recovery can help. Seven Arrows Recovery combines traditional psychotherapy with holistic, body-based treatment approaches from ancient wisdom.

We aim to help you achieve sobriety and truly heal at Seven Arrows Recovery in Elfrida, Arizona. Contact our top-rated drug rehab in Arizona today to learn more.

Why treatment matters

How Does Addiction Happen?

How do some people use substances and never develop an addiction, while others do it relatively quickly?

Researchers believe that no single factor will predict whether someone will develop an addiction. Instead, there tends to be a combination of factors that come together. The more risk factors someone has, the greater the likelihood of an addiction developing if they use drugs or alcohol.

Biology, environment, and developmental stages are all factors that can raise the risk of addiction.

Most substances affect the reward circuit in the brain, flooding it with dopamine. That’s why the euphoric high occurs initially. When your reward system functions as it should, it motivates you to keep performing essential actions, like eating and being around loved ones.

However, surges of dopamine from drugs and alcohol create feelings of pleasure that reinforce unhealthy behaviors.

As someone continues using addictive substances, their brain eventually adapts. The high someone first feels with the substance diminishes eventually, so they might try and take higher doses to achieve it. That’s known as developing tolerance.

Once the reward system is activated by substance use, it becomes compulsive and out of control.

If you’re looking for Marana addiction treatment, Seven Arrows Recovery can help. Our Arizona treatment services specialize in trauma-informed care and a holistic approach to treating addiction. We understand both the medical components of addiction, but also the spiritual and emotional ones.

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How Addiction is Treat

While everyone is different, some of the general signs of addiction can include the following:

  • Continuing to use drugs or alcohol, even when wanting to stop.
  • Prioritizing the substance above other things in life.
  • Problems at home, school, or work.
  • Having a tolerance and needing higher doses for the desired effects.
  • Using the substance even though it’s causing known harmful effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when attempting to cut back on use or stop altogether.  

People who struggle with addiction will also have certain behavioral signs, like becoming increasingly withdrawn, defensive, or deceptive.

When looking for addiction treatment in Marana, choosing an evidence-based center that holistically looks at each client’s needs is important. Addiction is complicated, and there’s not one treatment protocol that works for everyone. Seven Arrows Recovery is an Arizona rehab center that creates personalized treatment plans.

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Treatment Options at Seven Arrows Recovery

When searching for substance abuse treatment in Marana, every nearby facility will have its own approach. 

In general, we know that addiction is a chronic and difficult-to-treat disease.

It’s important, first and foremost, that people have access to treatment.

The initial step for a lot of people is detoxification or detox. This is when substances and toxins leave the body so that treatment can be started with a clean slate, physically. We offer medical detox at Seven Arrows Recovery, including around-the-clock medical monitoring and necessary interventions. Medical detox helps reduce the risk of complications during withdrawal and also improves comfort.

From there, you might begin an inpatient or residential rehab program. During residential rehab, you live onsite in an immersive environment, surrounded by support from staff and other people receiving treatment. Inpatient rehab provides a calm, healing environment where the entire focus is on healing.

Much of the day is spent in group and individual therapy. Family therapy might also be included.

Once someone is ready and has completed an inpatient program, they might move into lower levels of care on an outpatient basis.

For anyone looking for a Marana drug and alcohol rehab center, Seven Arrows Recovery is an Arizona facility located nearby.

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The Benefits of a Holistic Treatment Program

We are different from other options for substance abuse treatment in Marana because, at Seven Arrows Recovery, we are truly holistic in our approach.

As people, we are all complex and have many needs to be integrated into effective treatment. Holistic addiction treatment at Seven Arrows Recovery combines traditional, evidence-based methods.

Examples of holistic therapies that are used at our center include:

When looking for nearby drug rehab in Marana, consider Seven Arrows Recovery. Our approach is unique compared to other Arizona and Marana drug and alcohol rehab centers. We know that you’re more than your addiction, and we strive to address your needs.

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Come heal in the Arizona Desert at Seven Arrows Recovery. Treatment is based on evidence based modalities, holistic principles and ancient healing traditions. We’ll help you to rebuild and restore your true spirit and authentic self, one day at a time.


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Seven Arrows Recovery is truly unlike any other rehab in Arizona. Our facility boasts a rich history that continuously pays tribute to those who came before us. Explore our family-owned and operated program located in the heart of Southern Arizona.

The environment at Seven Arrows Recovery was purposefully designed to offer you an immersive experience in physical wellness and mental healing.

At Seven Arrows Recovery we provide more than just treatment. Our program offers you an opportunity to restart your life free from drugs & alcohol.

Our treatment services are unlike most treatment centers. We believe in a holistic approach that treats the root causes of substance abuse leading to recovery.

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When comparing one Arizona or Marana drug and alcohol rehab center to another, consider dual diagnosis offerings.

Around half of people with a substance use disorder have another co-occurring mental health disorder like anxiety or depression, and vice versa.

If you receive treatment for your addiction to drugs or alcohol but not for the co-occurring disorder, you’re at a higher risk of experiencing a relapse.

With dual diagnosis treatment, both conditions are treated simultaneously, setting the stage for long-term recovery.

Seven Arrows Recovery is a leading Arizona addiction treatment center offering dual diagnosis care in a tranquil, healing environment.

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Stories of Hope & Healing

“There aren't enough words to describe how incredible this place is. They are so true to what they teach. From the moment I arrived to the day I graduated, I felt at home.”


“I came to Seven Arrows broken and beaten down, I left whole. I left with self-esteem and self confidence. Thanks to this place, I am a happier, sober me, for myself and my family. I love Seven Arrows!”


“Out of the 16 treatment centers I have been to, Seven Arrows is the best”


“Seven Arrows allowed me the time and space to heal. It was the perfect place to reset my mental, physical and spiritual health. It is hard to describe in words what an amazing life-changing experience my time there was.”


“Seven Arrows Recovery is one of the main reseasons I'm alive today”

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Trauma Informed Treatment

Trauma and addiction are closely related to one another. Trauma goes beyond being an unpleasant or negative experience. Instead, without treatment, it has lifelong effects. Trauma creates high-stress levels, negatively impacting your physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

When someone has a past traumatic experience, it becomes difficult to process what happened or move on. Drugs and alcohol can be used as a way to self-medicate or mask difficult feelings.

Seven Arrows Recovery is a trauma-informed treatment center. Our staff is regularly provided with trauma-informed training; we follow a trauma-informed mindset and integrate these principles into all types of care.  

Trauma-informed care helps to develop a sense of safety, trust, and resiliency that can be used well beyond a treatment program and included in everyday life.

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If you're ready to take the next steps or want more information about treatment for yourself or a loved one, please contact Seven Arrows Recovery. We combine traditional healing practices with evidence-based therapies so that you can begin your recovery journey with a strong foundation. 

We are located in Arizona and are relatively nearby if you're searching for a Marana drug and alcohol rehab center.

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